When you walk through the front doors of our office you are met with the beaming smiles and great dispositions of Nicole & Keileigh our Front Counter Receptionists who attend to all phone and counter enquiries. Nicole has been an integral part of our team for over 10 years and can help you with any queries you may have.

Property Managers:

Rebecca James has been working as a PM for 8 years moving from Warwick to the beautiful Sunshine Coast where she has been with our company for over 6 years.  Rebecca’s belief is that good property management involves a high level of commitment to providing excellent, clear communication, and an ability to meet the expectations of all her clients and their tenants on a daily basis.

Brooke Sawtell has recently moved back to the Sunshine Coast from Beaudesert, she has been a property manager here on the coast, Toowoomba and Roma for 7 years.  She started property management in 2012 in Mooloolaba. Brooke is genuinely passionate about providing great service to clients, with her many years’ experience has provided her the ability to engage well with all members of the community and work well in the field of property management.

We then have Keirra Cadioli who has over 10 years experience, 7 being with Caloundra City Realty and is an important member of our team who knows all the systems and can answer any questions owners or tenants have. She has been living on the Sunshine Coast for 10 years and knows the area well.

Then there is myself Cherie, I have been the Manager in the office for over 23 years and my role is to keep the cogs running smoothly by liaising with the team and you, the landlord.  In my time at the office I have gained a tremendous amount of experience and trust of many long standing landlords.

The Rentals Team

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