Yes you can!

March 30, 2020

Yes. There are buyers!

Yes.  There are fewer sellers on the market. What an opportunity Scarcity Value presents for sellers. It’s counter intuitive isn’t it!

Yes. If you’re upgrading or downgrading, now is as good a time as any to get on with your plans (especially if you’re upgrading)…it’s all about the change-over price. Waiting, waiting….for the market to get better sounds logical at first glance, and it would be if your property was the only one that went up! But a rising tide floats all boats.

Yes. We know how to sell homes without Open for Inspections…in fact, we’ve been doing it for years. We respect the Social Distancing rules.

Yes. Interest rates are at generational lows…making loan servicing a cinch.

Yes. We can market your property with zero cost, zero risk. If you decide not to sell, then your costs are zero.

Yes…I’d love to help you get moving. I have a massive database of buyers that I can prospect right now…no Open for a inspections needed…No risk. All you’ve got to lose is….???

Caloundra City Realty

Article by Caloundra City Realty

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