New report shows Sunny Coast can boast with further growth on the horizon

July 23, 2020

The Sunshine Coast’s average house price increased by 7.4 per cent in the year from March 2019 to March 2020.


And the future looks bright.


If you can trust in the musings of property analysts, who collectively agree, that positive property projections are a safe bet when the big bucks are being invested on infrastructure; the Sunshine Coast has opportunity written all over it!


On the Coast, we are seeing an abundance of investment and region shaping projects, including one of the largest health infrastructure precincts being developed across Australia with the 17-hectare Health Precinct adjacent to a new $1.8 billion tertiary teaching hospital campus which is underway right in our backyard.


Sunshine Coast University has completed its $81 million expansion which will see 20,000 students enrolled by the end of this year; this is together with major new residential and commercial developments and precincts across the region (one of which will house over 50,000 people).


This will be bolstered by the $300 million expansion of the Sunshine Coast Airport which will open the Coast up to further domestic travel and enable international flights (ahem…once our boarders re-open) to arrive and depart locally, following its scheduled completion towards the end of this year. The airport expansion alone is projected to deliver over 2,200 jobs locally and contribute $4.1 billion to the economy.


A mecca of developments in and around our local area will see an increase in opportunities for our local community to grow and prosper … and makes the property market ripe for the picking!


Caloundra City Realty

Article by Caloundra City Realty

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