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December 1, 2021

With the difficulties many Buyers experience in satisfying lending requirements when it comes to having an adequate deposit, this post aims to collect ideas that other Buyers might be using to raise the deposit.

A disclaimer: we’re real Estate Agents, and in no way pretend to be provide advice or recommendations in respect of any of the content mention in this post.

We have mentioned before about the Bank of Mum and Dad being a significant lender.

There’s another approach too that some Gen Zs and Millennials are adopting to build wealth as a stepping stone to real estate maybe. And that’s investing in the stock market.

news.com.au published this article: “How 25 yo Melbourne man built $300k share portfolio”

The Motely Fool published this article: “Data shows millennials love investing in ASX ETFs” and this article showing 40% of this group are buying Crypto.

Earlier this year Forbes (in the US) headlined with this: “Millennials Will Propel Stocks Higher For Years”

Boomers will recall that investing in equities “last century” was pretty much the preserve of the already wealthy, and very cumbersome for novices. And ETF’s didn’t exist then. (ETF’s explained here.)

Now, there’s some innovative apps like Raiz, StockSpot and plenty of others… all from your phone.

Food for thought in getting that home deposit together?

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