Finding a place can be Stressful!

December 2, 2019

Finding a place can be stressful. Buying a place can be stressful. Moving can be stressful.

We’d like to do our bit to help, using our old-fashioned, but hi-tech Find System.

It’s this simple;  we roll up our sleeves and go-find-place for you. If we can find a match, then great! You’re on your way and we’ve made another sale.

FAQ others have asked about our HomeFinder System

Please Explain! It sounds a bit corny….what do you actually do?

  • Simply put, we already know tons of people that are thinking of selling. We contact them all to ask them if they’d like to sell to you.
  • The hard-work part is where our prospecting team talks to homeowners we don’t know, in the areas you’d like to live. For example, if you’d like to live in Smith St or nearby, we actually contact those owners on your behalf, to ask the question “would like to sell to you?”

Sounds good. What’s the catch?

  • You need to be genuine, with your finances sorted and ready to go. And be okay with us disclosing your first name(s) only and the first letter of your surname…such as “Bill and Wendy J”.

What happens if we don’t buy a place through you? You have put in some fair effort for us, and got nothing back in return, right?

  • Wrong. What we get back in return is knowing more people that are thinking of selling, and increasing our chances of finding a match for the next person we help. You see, the simplicity of what we do as real estate agents is just this: we find sellers and buyers, then match them up.

Ok, how do I get you started on helping me?

Register your interest by submitting the form below. Helping to coordinate things is our Ellie Hiscoe. She’ll be in touch with you soon. (The “E” is for Energetic by the way!)

This service has been first launched in June 2020, and we’d welcome you to join.


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