Open For Inspection Etiquette

December 2, 2019

During COVID-19

Please follow these rules and guidelines

Please do not inspect the property if you are feeling unwell, have a temperature, or have returned from overseas or Interstate within the last two weeks.

Please do not enter the property without the express permission of the hosting agent. This is best gained by calling the agent on mobile.

Whilst waiting to inspect the property it’s best to remain in your car, or on the footpath whilst always keeping at least social distance from any other people .

Whilst inside the property, please be sure to

  • remove your shoes before going inside

  • Once inside wash your hands immediately

  • whilst inside do not touch any surfaces door handles tables etc.

When leaving the property please be sure to wash your hands again.

Thank you for being a good person, and respecting that you are visiting someone else’s home.


The following does not apply during COVID-19

Just how nosy, or noisy, should you behave at an Open for Inspection?

Real has a nice little article here.  

If you like the place your inspecting and want to get to know it a little better, you can have a quick scout around for some of these things.

Good agents value your feedback about the house, so don’t be backward in coming forwards!




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Article by Caloundra City Realty

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