Upgrading or Down Sizing – 4 Step Solution

December 3, 2019

Sell, move, Rent, Buy, move again….phew!
Let’s call that Plan B.

But there’s another way….with some good negotiation (ok…and a bit of luck)

Buy and Sell, then move. Once!
Let’s call that Plan A.

Sounds impossible, but there’s a risk-free way of doing this with some good negotiation… and a bit of luck on your side. And if it’s not, then nothing has changed. Including your bank account.

Here’s the steps:

1. Find a place to Buy…and buy “subject to the sale” of your place.

2. Find a buyer for your place…we’re good at that!

3. Match Finances and evaluate the net changeover cost… (a BIG point)

4. Sell and Buy…at the same time (well almost)


All perfectly logical, eh. But the crucial thing here is being able to buy “subject to sale” of your place.

And yes, it does take some negotiation. But we’re good at that too!

What if step 2 happens before step 1?
  • Maybe, nothing. You say “No” to selling. That’s okay. There’s always another buyer.
  • Maybe, the offer is so good that you’ll revert to plan B (the common way of sell,move, rent, but, move)
  • Maybe, the buyer will accept a long settlement to give you time.
What if you find a great place to move to (step 1), and there’s no buyer for your place?
  • The worst case is…nothing happens. Remember, your obligation to buy only happens IF there’s abuyer for your current place (Okay, expect some disappointment, because your’re back to where you started. Such is life I ‘spose)

So, the best strategy is to aim for Plan A, then decide on Plan B depending on the circumstances at the time. You’re always in control, and can do whats best for you.

And don’t forget, in the unlikely event that you don’t move, then listing with Caloundra City Realty is 100%, absolutely free. And that includes the marketing costs. We guarantee it.

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Here’s a recent comment from one of our many happy clients. We’d love to help you too!



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