Cassandra Collett

Property Management Coordinator

About Cassandra

Cassandra, known to friends and colleagues as Cass, joined Caloundra City Realty for its stellar reputation and the warm, welcoming atmosphere she experienced initially. She was particularly impressed by the team and Director's progressive mindset and passion for property management, which perfectly aligned with her own goals.

Cass's three strongest traits—being an out-of-the-box thinker, proactive, and always looking to improve—define her approach to her work. These qualities enable her to find innovative solutions and drive continuous growth and improvement within the team.

What excites Cassandra most about the real estate industry is the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. She loves "opening doors," whether it’s helping someone invest, find a rental, or grow their career in property management. The diversity and potential in real estate keep her motivated and passionate about her work.

Born in Richmond, NSW, and raised in Coffs Harbour, NSW, Cass made the move to Queensland in April 2023. She now lives in Landsborough with her beloved dog and two horses, while her mum resides in Glass House Mountains.

In her spare time, Cass loves soaking up the sun at the beach and hiking forest trails with her dog and horses. These activities not only keep her active but also provide a refreshing balance to her busy professional life.

Cass’s commitment to business growth and her enthusiasm for opening doors for others make her a vital part of the CCR team. Her proactive approach and innovative thinking contribute to the dynamic and progressive environment at Caloundra City Realty. Whether she’s helping clients or exploring the great outdoors, Cass brings energy and dedication to everything she does.