Chloe Gower

Property Manager

About Chloe

Chloe joined Caloundra City Realty to step out of her comfort zone and embrace a new career pathway in the real estate industry. Her decision reflects her desire for growth and new challenges, and she has found a perfect fit at CCR.

Chloe’s three strongest traits—kindness, flexibility, and positivity—define her approach to her work and interactions with clients and colleagues. These qualities make her a supportive and reliable team member, always ready to assist and uplift those around her.

What excites Chloe most about the real estate industry is the opportunity to support both owners and tenants. She takes pride in facilitating smooth and positive experiences for all parties involved, ensuring that everyone feels valued and well taken care of. Chloe is particularly enthusiastic about the pathways for development and growth within her career. She looks forward to expanding her knowledge and expertise, continually evolving within the real estate field.

Born and raised in Ballarat, VIC, Chloe brings a touch of her hometown’s warmth and charm to her work at CCR. Her background has instilled in her a strong sense of community and dedication. In her spare time, Chloe enjoys spending quality moments with friends and family. She leads an active lifestyle, embracing activities that keep her engaged and energized.

Chloe’s kindness, flexibility, and positive attitude make her a cherished member of the Caloundra City Realty team. Whether she’s supporting clients or enjoying her personal pursuits, Chloe brings enthusiasm and a caring touch to everything she does.