About Judith

Judith, known as Jude to her friends and colleagues, joined Caloundra City Realty because of her love for sales and working with people. Her passion for connecting with clients and helping them achieve their real estate goals drives her daily work.

Jude’s three strongest traits—determination, a desire to achieve goals, and a positive attitude—are the pillars of her professional success. These qualities enable her to persevere through challenges and consistently deliver outstanding results for her clients.

What excites Jude most about the real estate industry is her genuine interest in properties and the local market. She enjoys staying informed about the property market in her area, which allows her to provide valuable insights and guidance to her clients. In her career, Jude is committed to gaining further knowledge through continuous learning. She thrives on the opportunities for professional growth and development that the real estate industry offers.

Born in Moree, NSW, and raised in Young, NSW, where her father took over the family farm, Jude has a strong connection to her roots and a solid work ethic instilled by her upbringing. In her spare time, Jude enjoys indulging in her passion for sewing, tending to her garden, and immersing herself in music. These hobbies provide a creative outlet and a way to relax and unwind.

Jude’s determination, goal-oriented mindset, and positive attitude make her an invaluable member of the CCR team. Whether she’s working with clients, expanding her knowledge, or enjoying her hobbies, Jude brings enthusiasm and dedication to everything she does.