Meet The Team: Amy Ryan

July 11, 2024

Amy Ryan has been with Caloundra City Realty for over five years.

You probably already know her as our friendly, people-loving, leasing manager. But she’s also a property-matching guru with a specialist role in our team.
We recently sat down and had a chat with Amy about what brought her to Caloundra City Realty and what she loves about her role.

Hi Amy, tell us about your background and how you ended up working in real estate and, specifically Property Management?

I’ve already clocked up over a decade of experience in the real estate industry. When I was just a year or two out of school, I took a reception role for a Brisbane real estate agency. From there I became a property management assistant, then a property manager, before working in leasing for three-and-a-half years. I like real estate, but I’m definitely not a salesperson. I really found my niche in leasing. It’s busy and you always have to be switched on, and I feel like I’m helping people.

How did you end up here at Caloundra City Realty?

My parents moved from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast. That meant I was often visiting the Sunshine Coast and I really liked the area. Since I was coming here all the time, I decided to buy here and move to Caloundra. I was looking for a job, and Caloundra City Realty had advertised a Property Manager role with a bit of leasing. I applied and got the job, but then I actually turned it down, because I wanted more of a focus on leasing. The Managing Director, Ben Price, later called me to say they had changed the role for me to have a leasing management focus, which was really great! I started in 2019.

I’ve always felt comfortable at Caloundra City Realty, and I’m proud to work here. Everyone in the team gets along so well, respects each other, and supports each other – particularly in property management.

Tell us about your role at Caloundra City Realty?

Leasing and Property Management are different parts of the tenant journey – I do Leasing, which is the first part of it. So when Cherie Goodwin, who does Business Development, brings a new property in, I take care of finding the tenants and all that entails. That means I market the property, organise and show people through the open homes, check and approve the applications, get everything ready and hand over the key to the successful tenants. I’m mainly dealing with prospective tenants and getting them into a property and once they have the key it’s handed over to the Property Manager for ongoing support. I also deal with the landlords in choosing the tenants.

What do you like so much about leasing?

When I worked in property management, which I did for a few years, I always liked the leasing side of the job more. It was less about problem solving and more about helping people, and I found it was my passion. I enjoy the satisfaction of seeing people find a new home, and helping them do that. I’m helping them find a home that they may spend years in.

I really do enjoy it. I don’t know what I’d do if I wasn’t in this role. It’s the helping people side of things that appeals to me, which is what this role allows me.

Some smaller agencies combine property management with leasing but that’s a lot to take on. It benefits us as an agency, and the clients, to have niche roles. We might have 30-40 tenants enquire about a property and if we have a focus on leasing we can get back to them all and put in extra effort. Owners appreciate the fact that we have complete focus on leasing, and are touching base with a range of tenants and not just taking the first one who applies, and getting their property rented ASAP.

Plus, letting a property right from the start makes the whole property management journey run more smoothly and seamlessly.

What makes the perfect match when it comes to a tenant and a property?

We work with owners to refine the tenant profiles they’re looking for. Then we match the right tenant to the property and the owner.

If they’re potentially a good tenant but for whatever reason are not right for the property, or don’t get chosen, we try to match them with another property. We know what’s coming up and we do a lot of off-market or pre-listed matching this way.

Over the years you develop relationships with tenants and we like to help good tenants find a new place if they need to move on. Some tenants have been in four or five different properties with us.

What’s the Caloundra rental market like right now?

It’s always a little bit quieter in winter, we get more people applying at the beginning or end of the year. There are headlines about the rental crisis, and it’s a fact that rents have been rising (rents on houses have gone up 8% in the last year) and vacancy rates are still pretty low at just over 1%. But if you’re a good applicant, with good references, and your affordability is OK, you won’t have a problem finding a property.

How do you maintain a great relationship with your clients?

I definitely have a strong focus on communication and building relationships with landlords and applicants. I touch base with our landlords a few times a week and every Friday I make sure I’ve spoken to each owner for an update, and discussed the weekend openings and any price changes.

When you give your job that extra respect and go the extra mile, people do really appreciate it. I think they remember you and want to stay with Caloundra City Realty too, if they have that connection and friendliness.

What makes a good tenant?

Half of it is how the application looks. We check references, employment history, finances and make sure everything on the application is filled out, correct and makes sense. But the other half is how they present themselves at open homes. Are they polite and happy chatting to us?

You can’t be overly judgemental, but you need to consider if you would want them as a tenant in your property. Sometimes you get an email from a prospective tenant directly after the inspection, thanking you and telling them about their application, and the fact they’ve taken the time to do that shows they’re organised and keen. I always want to put the best tenant forward for the owner.

What advice do you most often give a landlord?

Generally, I say don’t just take the first application (although it might end up being the perfect one), have trust in the process and our experience to guide you through it.

And what about the advice you give tenants?

I often tell tenants to treat an open home and rental application as an interview and make sure your application is filled out to the best of your ability, just like a resume.

What do you do when you’re not matching properties with tenants?

I have a Husky Kelpie, and my life revolves around her, and catching up with friends and family. I’m always out and about and enjoy the natural beauty of the Sunshine Coast, especially the beach.

Thanks for the chat, Amy.

If you’re interested in investing in buying or selling or leasing property in Caloundra and the Sunshine Coast, get in touch.

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