Choosing your Agent – what should I look for?

December 5, 2019

Choosing your Agent – what should I look for?

Welcome to our super-quick Q & A series about questions we’re often asked by people thinking of moving…

Here are some important questions you should consider when choosing an Agent to assist in the sale.

Q1 – Does the agent know what they are doing. Can they prove it?

Q2 – Does the agent have many buyers already?

Q3 – Do you like the person. Do you think they could negotiate on your behalf (and not on behalf of the Buyer)?

Q4 – What fees does the agency charge?

But for now, let’s dig a bit deeper and help with some questions you can ask to assess the actual person.

Thinking about Q1 – “does the agent know what they are doing?”

  • Ask for references. Obvious, right? I good analogy is, say if you’re looking for a house sitter to look after your pets. Would you prefer someone with a strong track record or a take lucky-dip?”
  • Caloundra City Realty sells more established residential property than any other agency in Caloundra according to Within the Caloundra City Realty peer group of over 200 agencies across Australia, all of our sales reps are in the top 10 percentile in results.
  • Our Sales Agents devote weeks every year developing their professional skills in specific training modules, and especially in the art of negotiation with Buyers.


Thinking about Q2 – “Does the agent have many Buyers already?”

  • “Too many Buyers is barely enough” is our motto!
  • Does the agent have a large database of qualified buyers ready to buy today? Typical agents recommend that you spend thousands of your own hard-earned dollars to attract buyers to your property.
    • The truth is, if an agent is worth their salt they should be able to show you a current list of genuine buyers. Careful of being tricked when typical agents (that’s not us by the way!) convince their sellers into paying for a marketing program to find buyers that they probably have already spoken to in the past.
  • Is it just the single listing Sales Representative that’s selling my property?
    • You know how the pitch usually sounds like…” list with our winning team”. Okay, we say that too, but the difference is we mean it, rather than the typical commission based “lone-wolf” agents who dislike sharing the fee. At Caloundra City Realty, most of our sales are made with shared bonuses…in fact, recently, 73% of our sales were made that way. (BTW, we say bonuses because none of our agents are on “commission only”. Instead, our reps are remunerated by a generous salary and performance-based bonuses.)
    • Why is this team thing important to us (and to our sellers clients)? It’s because we want to make it easy to buy through Caloundra City Realty. Successful agents are busy people….and, buyers don’t care who they deal with. They want information, easy inspections, and to be helped with old-fashioned good service.


Thinking about Q3 – “Do you like the person. Do you think they could negotiate well on your behalf?

  • Trust your gut on this one!
  • The rubber meets the road during the negotiation process with a buyer. This is really the high-skill part of what we do…And we spend thousands of $$$ training our team on this very point. Imagine you and the agent, discussing an offer, and you ask the agent this: “What should I do? Should I say NO to this offer, counteroffer with something higher, or accept it?  What do you think the agent will say?
  • Another (sort of fun) way to approach this, is if the agent was your surgeon, would you trust him/her to do the transplant? We say sort of fun, but in all truth, we think selling your property for the highest price possible is a big deal.
  • It’s easy for you to terminate the Selling Agreement with us if, along the way, you feel we’ve let you down and can’t fix the problem fast.

The fees we ask for are – 2.75% of the sale price + GST

Or, if we don’t sell your house, your costs are zero. No commission fees (obviously), no marketing fees, no fees for photography, styling, or anything else. If we don’t sell your property, your costs are guaranteed to be zero, with no strings attached.

About desperate agents: it is possible to find agents that charge a lower rate, and usually a marketing fee that a Seller pays no matter what. (Caution: “No Upfront fees” are weasel words for “Backend fees apply”!)

  • The last thing Sellers need is a desperate agent handling the sale! To explain, real estate can be a cruel industry where agents that are remunerated by commission only are fearful of 2 things. 1/ Not getting the listing and 2/ not getting the sale (and the commission).
  • So when there’s bills, school fees etc to be paid, human nature makes it hard for otherwise good people not to become desperate and maybe not negotiate hard with a Buyer, for fear of losing the sale
  • Then again, there are some poor agents that are cheap with their money…imagine how they’ll be with yours!

And if you’re still not convinced about the Caloundra City Value proposition… consider the sums:

  • a 30% discount on the agent’s fee might be, say $7,000.
  • A poor (literally) agent will cost in lost Sale Value much more than $7,000, and that’s the most expensive cost of all!


Choosing Caloundra City Realty means you’re in safe hands, knowing that the sale is being handled by professional, highly trained people that are dedicated to acting in the interests of our Seller clients.

Caloundra City Realty

Article by Caloundra City Realty

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