Selling with a Head Start

April 9, 2020

 3 things to know about the fees we ask!

We ask for absolutely zero $0.00 upfront!
That’s right. Not a cent.



In fact, our costs are completely free UNTIL you get paid! Why should we be paid if you don’t?



We guarantee that it’s No Sale, Then No Fee (and that includes marketing costs too!).


About staged marketing:

Staging gives our seller clients a head start before launching to the world…and delivers the Highest Price Possible, without the risk, hassle, and much of the stress. You’ll see below how we professionally market homes “off-market” to the thousands of buyers already registered with Caloundra City Realty,  and then to the World if not sold.

Our promise to our seller clients is plain and simple. We don’t get paid until you get paid…and that includes the marketing and advertising costs.

We’d love you to join us!  Click HERE to see what our past Sellers say about us.


Step 1 

We’ll provide you with a professional appraisal of what you might get for the property, and what fees we ask when that happens. If you decide that selling might improve your circumstances, then we get to work! 


Step 2

We professionally market your home to thousands of our known buyers. These are the current and not so current buyers that we’ve been collecting for years. As of August 2021, there are

  • 5,000+ people will know your property is on the market by Thursday evening.
  • almost 10% are existing Investors.

We use sophisticated tech to help with all marketing your property plus old-fashioned “working the phones”. 



Must I have a For sale sign? No (we’ll keep the neighbours in suspense if you like!)

Must I have an Open for Inspection? No 

Do I need to prepare my place as a show home, say for internal marketing pics? No

  • Externally, yes…we will produce a short promo video from outside the property, so just neat and tidy outside for now.

What about my Tenant? Good tenants are generally very disappointed that their home is being sold and mostly fear 1) they’ll be  “kicked out”, closely followed by 2) strangers in their home and Open for Inspections. So, tenants appreciate our low-hassle approach and are more of an ally for us.

Must I pay you an up-front, back-end, above the line, below the line (!) fee..or pay you anything for that matter, if I decide not to sell? No. We ask to be paid only after you get paid. We guarantee it. We can’t figure why some agents expect sellers to actually pay for something they haven’t got. (Ok… we’s better for the agent. Go deeper here.)

What happens if my place hasn’t sold to one of your known buyers? We proceed to the next step. (Or, you can withdraw from the market)


Step 3

We market your home to the world, casting for new buyers we don’t know. This means:

  • listing on all the web portals, including and, plus
  • re-working our known buyers, plus
  • Social media promo.. including Facebook targeted ads of your property


Must I have a For sale sign?Yes, please. It’s time we let the neighbours know. We also make sure of it by delivering “Just Listed” flyers to promote your property and spread the word.

Must I have an Open for Inspection? Sort of….We prefer private inspections by appointment. If we can, we sequence inspections to save disturbing you more than necessary…

Do I need to prepare my place as a show home? Still No….but, we will need internal pics of your well-presented home. And especially for the parts that are the strongest selling features. 

How much does all of the above that cost me?  Nothing

  • This is sounding too good to be true. When is it that I’m obliged to pay you a fee?(See step 1! Honestly, it’s this simple. If we don’t sell your house, we don’t get paid) 

What happens if I decide not to sell at all? Nothing. We hope that you’ll think of us when you’re next ready.


Ready to test us? If selling now will improve your circumstances, or maybe just curious…

Call us on 07 5491 9500 for a chat, or request a free, no-obligation appraisal below.

Simple. Clear. Irresistible!

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