Sonya Leddin

General Manager

About Sonya

Meet Sonya, an integral member of the team at Caloundra City Realty. Attracted by the team's strong sense of community and progressive approach, Sonya recognized CCR as an environment where she could thrive after working remotely for several years. In terms of her work ethic, Sonya prides herself on unwavering loyalty, commitment to achieving excellence, and her capacity for innovative & out-of-the-box thinking.

For Sonya, the real estate industry presents a myriad opportunities from its constant evolution. However, it's her role within the CCR family that truly excites her. She takes pride in contributing to both the business's success and the personal development of her colleagues, seeing immense potential for growth both within the company and in the broader Caloundra community.

Born and raised in the countryside of Mangoplah, 30 minutes from Wagga Wagga, Sonya cherishes quality time with her family – soaking up the sun at the beach or embarking on family camping trips with her husband of over 13 years – Daniel, her three wonderful children – Ariah, Spencer, and Darcy – and their beloved golden retriever mix, Archer.